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Snapshot: For when you’re wallowing in the blues

Nan Goldin | Darklight Art

Nan Goldin, Motel window, Palenque, Mexico [1982]

For when the only light feels like just a tiny chink high in the wall beyond your grasp –– a window that you cannot get through or even bear to open. In fact there’s something wrong with the picture: wouldn’t it be nice to be able to draw those blue blue curtains across and block it out completely? The window becomes the wall. The wall which keeps you in and keeps the world out. 

Just you and the bed then. The true Blues partnership. The bed becomes the love of your life. You know there is light and colour elsewhere and you’ll get to it eventually but for now it’s just you and mattress and pillow and head and stead and B-L-U-E. The warmest colour or is it the coldest? It can be whatever you want it to be.


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