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Shag Marry Avoid: Artists Edition

It’s time to get equal parts lusty and vicious in this quick-fire round of questions. Welcome to Shag, Marry, Avoid: Artists Edition.


Nusch Eluard | Shag, Marry, Avoid: Artists Edition with Darklight Art

I’d like to take Alberto Giacometti for a spin around the block, or more importantly, run my hands through his hair. Max Ernst would get it, and so would Isamu Noguchi, but Nusch Eluard takes the lead in what is evidently a very crowded, horny field. Beautiful, enigmatic, talented, great eyebrows; Nusch is the Total Package. 


Cy Twombly | Shag, Marry, Avoid: Artists Edition with Darklight Art

I saw a collection of Cy Twombly mixed media pieces at Kew Gardens on a school trip, and still remember feeling like: WOW YOU CAN DO THAT? YOU CAN USE GRAPH PAPER IN ART?? YOU CAN SCRIBBLE IN CRAYON AND THAT’S OKAY??? He impacted me by widening the boundaries of creativity, and really was the first artist I ever truly loved. 

I felt the same way when I learned that Joe Wright’s 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was set about 30 years earlier than the novel, because he didn’t like the Regency era aesthetic and wanted something looser and more natural and bucolic. It changed the visual language of the story, and taught me an essential lesson about artistic licence and not always being so bloody literal.

Anyway, I’d marry Cy because of all the other things he might teach me, and because I think we’d do well together living in Italy in a house full of scribbles and lovely furniture.


La Musica by Luigi Russolo | Shag, Marry, Avoid: Artists Edition with Darklight Art

No offence to Luigi Russolo but I think La Musica (1911) is one of the most offensively ugly things my eyes have ever encountered, and I’ve just looked up some more of his paintings and it’s a resounding no from me babes x 


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